Addiction Recovery

We believe that nutrition therapy plays a vital role in the addiction recovery process. A balanced diet can help stabilize energy and mood, decrease cravings, promote mental clarity, and keep the body and brain strong and functioning well, all which help with a successful recovery. At Healthier Tomorrows we are committed to helping our clients stay on the path to recovery by:
  • teaching our clients how to nourish their body and brain,
  • providing nutrition education to help improve nutrition deficiencies and decrease gastrointestinal complications during the recovery process,
  • explaining how food can impact energy, mood, and cravings,
  • providing balanced and nourishing meal and snack ideas,
  • encouraging self-care activities such as stress management, physical activity, and adequate sleep, along with healthy food choices, and
  • providing experiential sessions to teach clients about meal planning, grocery shopping, and simple cooking techniques.

We have experience working with clients in recovery from drug, alcohol, and food addiction. We help our clients to develop the knowledge and skills they need to maintain a successful recovery, and we provide support and motivation throughout their recovery process. Many of our clients attend a variety of 12 Step programs, in addition to their work with their therapist and registered dietitian.

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